Draft HEdNI Response to Welsh Draft Non-Statutory Guidelines

Welsh Consultation

The Draft Non-Statutory Guidance for Wales is currently under consultation, closing on July 3rd.  

We encourage home educators in Northern Ireland to respond - we were touched by the support and attention the Northern Irish Consultation has recieved from around the UK and Ireland, and we are now in a position to offer support in our turn.  What happens in one region will affect all others, so it is important to promote good practice within the law across the UK.

The file linked below is a final draft of HEdNI's response.  We invite comment, input and proof-reading(!), minor changes will probably be made before submission.

"The Guidance is liable to create confusion and antagonise home educating families.  It invites Local Authorities to make their own rules based on an unstated and unsupported assumption that home education is fundamentally a risk or problem.   It confuses a situation which is very clearly outlined in legislation and guidance – the LA has no duty to monitor, their duty is reactive only and arises where an outside force triggers a concern.  At that point they have sufficient power to act.

Local Authorities around the UK as well as inside Wales will take note of any guidance issued.  It is important that such authority is used to clearly describe policy based on a strict interpretation of the limited powers granted by law.  Only in this way can constructive relationships with home educating families be facilitated."

To read more please see the file linked below...