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And hello to the five Regions!

Playdough Monster
3 weeks 4 days ago
In answer to our questions yesterday about what the disolving of Northern Ireland's Education Administration would mean... what the future would hold and who would direct the future... "the most...

Farewell to the Five Boards

Bye Bye
3 weeks 4 days ago
The five Education and Library Boards we have come to know, will evaporate like Cinderella’s finery at midnight tonight.  What this means for home educating families is not yet clear. We can...

Home Educated Gymnast Wins Tony Byrne Cup 2015

5 weeks 1 day ago
Home Educated gymnast, Chiara Rivers of Abbey Gymnastics in Belfast, won the Tony Byrne Cup for the highest execution score on bars over all levels on 8th March 2015. Her achievement was even more...

Film by Home Educated Teens Nominated for Into Film Award

6 weeks 1 day ago
We are proud to announce that Christopher Adams and Hallie Adams (both home educated at the time) made a film last year with Cinemagic, which has been nominated for an award! Their film 'Stalker' is...

NEELB confirm that all contact constitutes the start of legal proceedings

6 weeks 3 days ago
We have always advised that parents should seek legal advice the moment legal proceedings are started by their Board, otherwise we have advised that peer support and their own considered opinion is...

Board to brief the Education Committee on Consultation Responses

10 weeks 1 day ago
The Board will brief the Education Committee on Consultation Responses on the 15th of April: The...

First Aid Training

11 weeks 2 days ago
HEdNI now has 'Call Push Rescue' training kits from the British Heart Foundation. Designed for 12 years and up they are available for any groups to borrow- all training is delivered by the DVD....

Interview a Marine Biologist

Claire Goodwin, Marine Biologist
12 weeks 3 days ago
Claire Goodwin, a Marine Biologist with National Museums Northern Ireland, is about to go on an expedition to the Antarctic to collect and study sponges. She will be writing a blog while she is away...

Campaigners give broad welcome to school starting age proposals

Parents Outloud
13 weeks 4 days ago
A group of campaigners who want a more flexible approach towards the school starting age says it broadly welcomes the proposals on the issue published on the 15th December by the Department of...

Calling Fermanagh home educators...

14 weeks 2 days ago
A new meet up is being planned local to you, if you're interested then get in touch. Meeting up with local home educating families is a great source of support, inspiration and fun!